Monday, September 21, 2009

We are in!!...Pictures from August when we first got in

Here are some pictures from inside the house during mid August, when we first moved in. A lot has been done since then....trim, etc.....I'll put more pictures up later!

The outside is finished!

The outside is finally finished and it looks beautiful!! It was a lot of hard work for PJ in the hot hot summer heat, but he did a great job. The gutters went on in early September and all the trim and siding is in place also. =)

More of working on the rock

Sorry about the order of the pictures...I always seem to forget that they are in the right order when I upload them, but then when they go to blogger they reverse.
So, bottom pictures first...PJ finished the black tar paper and then moved on to the mesh wire. Lots and lots of little screws for the wire, as this is what really helps to support the rock. Then, after the wire, came the layer of mortar. Benjamin just loved helping daddy with this. He was constantly using a stick of some sort to try to stir up the mortar in the wheel barrel. After mortar was done and dry, it was time for the rock and brackets for the sill went up. The first day proved to be a bit difficult and frustrating, as the rock was not sticking. But, then PJ got it figured out and things were sticking just fine. Plus, a neighbor friend, who does this kind of stuff for a living, came over and gave PJ some pointers on different adhesives to use. PJ got to work putting on the rock. It took a bit to get the rock sorted out right and in the right positions on the house, but he got it done and it looks very nice!

Almost there...early August

Above are pictures of PJ and Ben working on the railing for the stairway. It was one of the last things to finish befoer we got the okay to move in. After that was done, PJ quickly went to work on finishing the outside of the house....the rock. First the black tar paper went up...the bottom two pictures show it on the left side of the house. Of course, it was a very hot couple of weeks working on the outside, but at least he had shade for part of the job.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One year ago....

We are so close to moving in, and it's been quite a journey and learning experience for us all. I just was curious to see where we were one year ago...and here we are. Hard to seems like so long ago, time has gone by so quickly though. Just wanted to say a special thank you to everyone again for all of your help, love and support. We certainly could not have done any of this with out our loving family and friends!!

Carpet going day

Here are pictures of the finished carpet! Everything went great and looks and feels really nice. While the carpet guy was putting in the carpet, PJ was able to finish the siding on the outside. Now all that's left to do is put up the stone on the lower half. PJ was able to put tarp up on the left side of the front door, but ran out, so I had to get some more in goes up pretty quickly and we'll finish dealing with that when other, more important stuff inside the house is finished.

Carpet being put in

These are pictures of the carpet being put in on days one and two. All in all, it took him three days to finish. Went pretty quickly and he did a wonderful job! So happy now that the carpet is down. So much to do yet to get ready for the inspector to give us the 'thumbs up' for moving in. Stair railing needs to go in. Tomorrow the phone/internet get switched exciting but so much to do yet to be ready to move!